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v. i. - To move along on foot; to advance by steps; to go on at a moderate pace; specifically, of two-legged creatures, to proceed at a slower or faster rate, but without running, or lifting one foot entirely before the other touches the ground.
v. i. - To move or go on the feet for exercise or amusement; to take one's exercise; to ramble.
v. i. - To be stirring; to be abroad; to go restlessly about; -- said of things or persons expected to remain quiet, as a sleeping person, or the spirit of a dead person; to go about as a somnambulist or a specter.
v. i. - To be in motion; to act; to move; to wag.
v. i. - To behave; to pursue a course of life; to conduct one's self.
v. i. - To move off; to depart.
v. t. - To pass through, over, or upon; to traverse; to perambulate; as, to walk the streets.
v. t. - To cause to walk; to lead, drive, or ride with a slow pace; as to walk one's horses.
v. t. - To subject, as cloth or yarn, to the fulling process; to full.
n. - The act of walking, or moving on the feet with a slow pace; advance without running or leaping.
n. - The act of walking for recreation or exercise; as, a morning walk; an evening walk.
n. - Manner of walking; gait; step; as, we often know a person at a distance by his walk.
n. - That in or through which one walks; place or distance walked over; a place for walking; a path or avenue prepared for foot passengers, or for taking air and exercise; way; road; hence, a place or region in which animals may graze; place of wandering; range; as, a sheep walk.
n. - A frequented track; habitual place of action; sphere; as, the walk of the historian.
n. - Conduct; course of action; behavior.
n. - The route or district regularly served by a vender; as, a milkman's walk.
n. - In coffee, coconut, and other plantations, the space between them.
n. - A place for keeping and training puppies.
n. - An inclosed area of some extent to which a gamecock is confined to prepare him for fighting.
v. t. - To put or keep (a puppy) in a walk; to train (puppies) in a walk.
v. t. - To move in a manner likened to walking.

Word "walk" contains 4 letters : A K L W

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