What is Word Axis?

WordAxis is a online help tool for different type of Word Games. It is a word list searching tool to aid crossword puzzle solving, anagram or jumbled letter solving and many other different forms of searching, for more details see the help section or try yourself the search tools, by selecting from the menu above. WordAxis has approximately 270,000 legal English words in its database. Every possible care is taken to produce accurate results for its search results.

Advanced seach features are also available to ease complex word searching. You can also filter and sort the result as needed. See examples under the help section to clear any doubts.

Who is the owner of WordAxis?

WordAxis is wholly programmed, designed and owned by Subhash Bose.

I started out WordAxis as a hobby, just for fun. WordAxis was formerly named WordFind which I created few years back and it was under iTools.SubhashBose.com. Later seeing that people are liking WordFind, I decided to start WordAxis under it own domain WordAxis.com

I hope that you liked WordAxis and if you have any suggestion for the improvement or adding new features under WordAxis, please feel free to contact me, I will be glad to receive your suggestion, comments (good or bad or anything).

Copyright Notice
Owner reserve complete right on the programs and scripts. All these script are written by the site owner Subhash Bose and under any condition, any portion or whole of a scripts / program / site design is not allowed to be used, unless the owner explicitly gives the permission to do so.

However, you are completely free to link to this site, or to link to any search result page from this site. You do not need any kind of permission to do so. You can place links to your site, blogs, communities, forums or any legitimate site.

WordAxis/ author/ owner of this site/ programs can not be held responsible for any kind loss caused direct/ indirectly by the use of this site or any tool/ program under this site. The usage of the results from the site is the sole responsibility of the user. However every possible care is taken to ensure that result produced are accurate and error free.
Like any othr dictionary, this site list all english words and some meanings without censoring, which may be unsuitable for some age / people / communities. This has nothing to do with the outlook /mentality of the site or site owner.

Privacy Policy
1. When you visit our site, access our tools, your IP address is logged and any private information you provide is stored along us. Those information are completely kept safe and under any condition we do not sell or share them with any third party site or organization. Those information will not go outside SubhashBose.com sites.
2. The personal information which you send while contacting the author are kept abosultely safe and not share with any third parties.
3. We use authentic third-party companies (like google) to server ads when you visit our sites, those ad-serving sites may collect limited amount of information about you, like your IP. These ad-serving sites can be fully trusted that your information will be kept safe. For more details about privacy policy of google visit here.

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