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n. - A retarding; hindrance; obstacle; impediment; delay; -- common in the phrase without let or hindrance, but elsewhere archaic.
n. - A stroke in which a ball touches the top of the net in passing over.
imp. & p. p. - of Let
v. t. - To leave; to relinquish; to abandon.
v. t. - To consider; to think; to esteem.
v. t. - To cause; to make; -- used with the infinitive in the active form but in the passive sense; as, let make, i. e., cause to be made; let bring, i. e., cause to be brought.
v. t. - To permit; to allow; to suffer; -- either affirmatively, by positive act, or negatively, by neglecting to restrain or prevent.
v. t. - To allow to be used or occupied for a compensation; to lease; to rent; to hire out; -- often with out; as, to let a farm; to let a house; to let out horses.
v. t. - To give, grant, or assign, as a work, privilege, or contract; -- often with out; as, to let the building of a bridge; to let out the lathing and the plastering.
v. i. - To forbear.
v. i. - To be let or leased; as, the farm lets for $500 a year. See note under Let, v. t.

Word "let" contains 3 letters : E L T

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