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n. - A superior force of voice or of articulative effort upon some particular syllable of a word or a phrase, distinguishing it from the others.
n. - A mark or character used in writing, and serving to regulate the pronunciation; esp.: (a) a mark to indicate the nature and place of the spoken accent; (b) a mark to indicate the quality of sound of the vowel marked; as, the French accents.
n. - Modulation of the voice in speaking; manner of speaking or pronouncing; peculiar or characteristic modification of the voice; tone; as, a foreign accent; a French or a German accent.
n. - A word; a significant tone
n. - expressions in general; speech.
n. - Stress laid on certain syllables of a verse.
n. - A regularly recurring stress upon the tone to mark the beginning, and, more feebly, the third part of the measure.
n. - A special emphasis of a tone, even in the weaker part of the measure.
n. - The rhythmical accent, which marks phrases and sections of a period.
n. - The expressive emphasis and shading of a passage.
n. - A mark placed at the right hand of a letter, and a little above it, to distinguish magnitudes of a similar kind expressed by the same letter, but differing in value, as y', y''.
n. - A mark at the right hand of a number, indicating minutes of a degree, seconds, etc.; as, 12'27'', i. e., twelve minutes twenty seven seconds.
n. - A mark used to denote feet and inches; as, 6' 10'' is six feet ten inches.
v. t. - To express the accent of (either by the voice or by a mark); to utter or to mark with accent.
v. t. - To mark emphatically; to emphasize.

Word "accent" contains 6 letters : A C C E N T

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