Definition of in :

prep. - With reference to space or place; as, he lives in Boston; he traveled in Italy; castles in the air.
prep. - With reference to circumstances or conditions; as, he is in difficulties; she stood in a blaze of light.
prep. - With reference to a whole which includes or comprises the part spoken of; as, the first in his family; the first regiment in the army.
prep. - With reference to physical surrounding, personal states, etc., abstractly denoted; as, I am in doubt; the room is in darkness; to live in fear.
prep. - With reference to character, reach, scope, or influence considered as establishing a limitation; as, to be in one's favor.
prep. - With reference to movement or tendency toward a certain limit or environment; -- sometimes equivalent to into; as, to put seed in the ground; to fall in love; to end in death; to put our trust in God.
prep. - With reference to a limit of time; as, in an hour; it happened in the last century; in all my life.
adv. - Not out; within; inside. In, the preposition, becomes an adverb by omission of its object, leaving it as the representative of an adverbial phrase, the context indicating what the omitted object is; as, he takes in the situation (i. e., he comprehends it in his mind); the Republicans were in (i. e., in office); in at one ear and out at the other (i. e., in or into the head); his side was in (i. e., in the turn at the bat); he came in (i. e., into the house).
adv. - With privilege or possession; -- used to denote a holding, possession, or seisin; as, in by descent; in by purchase; in of the seisin of her husband.
n. - One who is in office; -- the opposite of out.
n. - A reentrant angle; a nook or corner.
v. t. - To inclose; to take in; to harvest.

Word "in" contains 2 letters : I N

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