Definition of good :

superl. - Possessing desirable qualities; adapted to answer the end designed; promoting success, welfare, or happiness; serviceable; useful; fit; excellent; admirable; commendable; not bad, corrupt, evil, noxious, offensive, or troublesome, etc.
superl. - Possessing moral excellence or virtue; virtuous; pious; religious; -- said of persons or actions.
superl. - Kind; benevolent; humane; merciful; gracious; polite; propitious; friendly; well-disposed; -- often followed by to or toward, also formerly by unto.
superl. - Serviceable; suited; adapted; suitable; of use; to be relied upon; -- followed especially by for.
superl. - Clever; skillful; dexterous; ready; handy; -- followed especially by at.
superl. - Adequate; sufficient; competent; sound; not fallacious; valid; in a commercial sense, to be depended on for the discharge of obligations incurred; having pecuniary ability; of unimpaired credit.
superl. - Real; actual; serious; as in the phrases in good earnest; in good sooth.
superl. - Not small, insignificant, or of no account; considerable; esp., in the phrases a good deal, a good way, a good degree, a good share or part, etc.
superl. - Not lacking or deficient; full; complete.
superl. - Not blemished or impeached; fair; honorable; unsullied; as in the phrases a good name, a good report, good repute, etc.
n. - That which possesses desirable qualities, promotes success, welfare, or happiness, is serviceable, fit, excellent, kind, benevolent, etc.; -- opposed to evil.
n. - Advancement of interest or happiness; welfare; prosperity; advantage; benefit; -- opposed to harm, etc.
n. - Wares; commodities; chattels; -- formerly used in the singular in a collective sense. In law, a comprehensive name for almost all personal property as distinguished from land or real property.
adv. - Well, -- especially in the phrase as good, with a following as expressed or implied; equally well with as much advantage or as little harm as possible.
v. t. - To make good; to turn to good.
v. t. - To manure; to improve.

Word "good" contains 4 letters : D G O O

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